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One Left is a click dice game, created in One Month.
You roll the dice, get a number, click on any block that has the same number.
Win when there´s One block Left.

Click the dice to get a number, and find a block with corresponding number.
Click in the desired block to push (or unpush if it´s already pushed).
You can only unpush a block if there´s no other unpushed block left with the dice number. Everytime you push/unpush a block you get +3seconds.

After completing one row or one column with pushed blocks, the blocks become frozen. If you get stuck you can pass a turn (it costs 10 seconds).

When there 1 block left, you clear the board and gain 30 seconds.
You lose when the counter reaches zero.

Push/Unpush block: +3seconds
Pass turn: -10 seconds
OneLeft: +30seconds

This game was made using Unreal Engine in One Month.
The Game Design was first created to work on paper, then it was converted to a digital game.
This is a work made for fun, and free to play. Enjoy!

A game by Luccas Schmigel
Audio and Music by Christian Macedo

Install instructions

Build for Windows 32bit.
Extract the zip content and double click OneLeft


OneLeft_v1.zip 87 MB

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